Partner with Us

Partner with Us


The GLGB team endeavors to offer meaningful services that will help inspire you to follow the Greatest Leader of all with all your heart and strength. In doing so, you will be Christ’s ambassador to those you lead and serve. There is no greater faith adventure!

We offer several initiatives that will give you opportunity to network and connect with diplomats and parliamentarians, as well as with other business leaders and professionals. As you trust Jesus to lead you in your conversations, you may have incredible opportunity to both share your own faith journey and to be inspired by the stories of others.

Global Leadership Geneva –Bern partners with several organization and institutions to encourage value based leadership. If you would like to partner with GLGB, kindly write to us.


Business Connect

As a business man, if you would like to host an ambassador or a visiting parliamentarian from across the globe to your business or home for a week-end to share best practices and hospitality, you are most welcome.


Work with us

If you are a student at the university or going through a transition or looking for a new opportunity, if you share the vision of GLGB, you may apply to work as a volunteer for any of our short or mid-term events. We do several events that last from agt few days to a week and often need short term assistance in the area of administration, logistics, technology, driving around, interpreting/translating French and German.


Support us

As a NGO, the programs and services of GLGB are made possible only through the generous support of individuals, businesses and organizations. Your generosity will be highly appreciated and valued. Please write to email