Ambassadors Events

As part of the diplomatic corps in Geneva, you hold an esteemed position, not only in your country, but in Switzerland as well. Our organization is interested in serving people of all regional, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Our services to ambassadors begin by helping you connect with leaders in parliament and business, as well as in noted communities across Switzerland. Here are some of the ways in which we serve the ambassadors.

  • Ambassadors Courtesy Call
    A visit to a newly arrived ambassador or permanent representative in Bern and Geneva to explain what GLGB can offer to them in the context of leadership excellence and nation building.
  • Ambassadors Business Connect
    We organize for the ambassadors a one-day visit to a Swiss business in Switzerland.
  • Ambassadors Round-Table
    A round-table of a few ambassadors in the context of a particular business or topic of interest.
  • Ambassadors Christmas Banquet
    An annual Christmas event for ambassadors, parliamentarians and business leaders to bless them and their nations during the end of the year.
  • Partners in Diplomacy
    An annual event for the spouses of ambassadors/ diplomats on relevant topics usually held on or around the international women’s day, 8th March, in Geneva.
  • Chaplaincy/Prayer for Nations
    To offer a prayer, blessing, word of encouragement for the nation the ambassador represents on significant occasion.

The needs of the world are much deeper than political freedom and security, much deeper than social justice and economic development, much deeper than democracy and progress…the deeper needs of the world belong to the sphere of the mind, the heart and the spirit, a sphere to be penetrated with the light and grace of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Charles Malik, President of the 13th General Assembly Session