About Us

About Us

Meet our Team: Thomas & Marlies Zindel, Marco Muntwyler, Jessy Benjamin, Benjamin Levi Moses (fltr)

Who we are

Global Leadership Geneva-Bern is a faith based non-profit organization serving and inspiring the community of ambassadors, diplomats, member of parliament and business leaders to foster leaders excellence and nation building, inspired by the person and values of Jesus Christ.

GLGB serves this community of leaders in Switzerland and beyond with a focus on building peace, justice and strong institutions by providing consultations, events and conferences in the areas of leadership, spirituality, personal and professional development addressing issues on poverty, education, human rights, health, economic growth, and innovation leading to building sustainable nations, people with values and planet that is cared for.

What we do

Global Leadership Geneva-Bern offers relevant support and inspiration to leaders to find real and lasting purpose through faith and encouragement. By nurturing, mentoring and providing networks for people in positions of influence, GLGB helps them to make a positive difference in the lives of those they serve. GLGB is committed to inspiring world-changers achieve things that will outlast their lives.

Why we do

When leaders arrive in Geneva or Bern to represent their countries at the United Nations, Diplomatic Missions, Multinational Organizations, NGOs, they are appointed a task much larger than themselves. Their perspectives on world problems are different from typical citizens. The view from the top is not always pleasant; it is often complex and unsettling. Struggles run deep in every nation and in every human heart; yet the burden for finding suitable solutions rests with the leaders. This can be burdensome and even a lonely task. Here comes GLGB alongside to serve these influential leaders!

Mr. Thomas Zindel & Dr. Benjamin Levi Moses

Mr. Thomas Zindel is the Director of Global Leadership Bern. He is a coach, counsellor of leaders and businessman from Zurich, Switzerland. In the past he has served as the Director of Athletes in Action, Switzerland and has worked as a Chaplain at the: World Ski Championship in Switzerland and Italy, Olympic Games in Korea, Japan, Sydney and Athens. He is also in the board of Living Free and few other associations in Switzerland. He is married to Marlies Zindel and blessed with 3 children.

Dr. Benjamin Levi Moses is the Executive Director of Global Leadership Geneva. He is a public speaker, counsellor, spiritual mentor and coach to the diplomats, parliamentarians, and global leaders in both public and private institutions in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide. He also facilitates behind the scenes peace building consultations which aim to help turn major political conflicts into lasting and satisfactory settlements. He holds a PhD in Theology & Social Sciences, Master in Public Administration and Divinity, and a Bachelors in Theology. He lives in Lausanne, Switzerland with his wife Dr. Jessy Benjamin, a management consultant & business entrepreneur, and their two sons. Together with his wife, they are founders of an NGO, FICF that provides educational aid and community development programs to empower children and women from rural India.