Geneva is widely regarded as the global, influential, strategic and the most international city of Switzerland. It is also a city of power and influence where many influential leaders live and work. It has the base for numerous international organizations including the United Nations. It is a gateway to connect with people from more than 185 nations speaking 200 languages. A center for global decision making in business and society, also the home to 15 major UN Agencies, 25 inter-governmental organizations, 229 diplomatic missions, 569 multinational companies, 250 NGOs, it is also a popular center for trade fairs and exhibitions.

The symbol of International Geneva, the Palais des Nations (United Nations Office at Geneva – UNOG), built between 1929 and 1936, is the European headquarters of the United Nations. This center of world diplomacy welcomes more than 25,000 delegates every year.

“There is not a single person on the planet that is not touched every day by something that happened in Geneva.” – UN Special Magazine, n°753 – October 2015



When leaders arrive in Geneva to represent their countries at the United Nations, Diplomatic Missions, Multinational organizations, NGOs, they are appointed to a task much larger than themselves. Their perspectives on world problems are elevated above that of the ordinary person. The view from the top is not always pleasant and is often complex and unsettling. Struggles run deep in every nation and in every human heart. Yet the burden for finding suitable solutions rests with the leaders. This can be burdensome, stressful and even a lonely task. Global Leadership Geneva-Bern (GLGB) offers relevant help to leaders as such to find real and lasting purpose through faith and encouragement.